Anniversary Gift Ideas

Gifts For Men - Archive

Gifts For Men - Archive

Gifts For Men

Men can be notoriously difficult to shop for, so sometimes you have to venture into unknown territory to find something they’ll love. No matter what your man likes and what his personality is, you can find plenty of awesome  gifts he’s sure to use and love.

We have put together a quick video for you so that you can get some ideas.

Gifts For Men under £20

Now you have watched the video here are some other gift for him under £20

Silver Lighter

 This special chrome lighter makes the perfect practical personalised gift for that special occasion!

Personalise with any message over 4 lines and up to 20 characters per line.

 Buy Now (FREE P&P) - Secure Payment - Fast Delivery 

Personalised Hammer

A must have for the Handy Man in your life!

This Hammer can be personalised with a name or role on Line 1 up to 12 characters and a message up to 25 characters on line 2

Personalisation will appear as entered. Please use UPPER CASE if required.


Buy Now (FREE P&P) - Secure Payment - Fast Delivery 

Football Hip Flask

A great gift for the sport fanatics!

You can personalise this Hip Flask with a name up to 12 characters which will appear at the top.

The word 'FOOTBALL' is fixed text.

This Hip Flask comes presented in a gift box.



Buy Now (FREE P&P) - Secure Payment - Fast Delivery 

Stamp Motif Stainless Steel Multifunctional Pliers

This Stamp Motif stainless steel multifunctional pliers include an LED torch and Tin set.
Can be personalised with any name up to 12 characters on the tin and up to 3 initials and 3 full stops on the pliers.
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Anniversary Gift Ideas - Worst Gift Ideas

Anniversary Gift Ideas - Worst Gift Ideas

Are you fed up with getting the same awful gifts from your Nan, partner, wife or husband year after year?

Do you have to try and smile when presented with a cheap box of chocolates on your Wedding anniversary; or perhaps a nose hair clipper what are they trying to tell you?

Anything bought at the very last minute, with little thought, does tend to speak volumes. If this is you, then we think we have the solution.

We did some research online about gifts, and we discovered that millions of us each year have to suffer being given really bad presents. Did you know that statistics have found that over 52% of people who receive unwanted presents re-gift them? I think that says it all.

What's sad is that it is bad for both parties. Not only is it a real waste of money for the person giving the gift but it can lead to bad feeling.

So here at Pick Your Own Gifts we have decided to give you some examples of how bad it can really get.

First, who do you think scores highest on the list of people who gave you gifts you never wanted?

It turns out boyfriends or Nans/Nannas/Grandmothers top the chart.

My first discovery came from sheknows and was about poor Annie whose boyfriend decided it would be a great idea to give her some of his old CDs. Now how romantic is that? but even worse the CDs had seen better days and were sent via a FedEx envelope sealed with black masking tape.

The next came from reddit. A teetotal lady received a very nice whiskey glass from her boyfriend then another year she received a box of brownie mix, now what part of that sounds right on any level?  

These too were notable from Cosmo to add to the list:

  1. A ruler marked with the boyfriend’s length – needs no comment really does it?
  2. A bottle of Tomato ketchup from Nan - even though they didn't like Ketchup
  3. And the worst a used Toothbrush – why? Just why?

It starts to make the socks you got last Christmas not that bad.

What is the solution?

Pick Your Own Gifts!

With that in mind, aims to put you in a position where you can now choose what you want rather than allowing your Nan or boyfriend to decide.

Who Benefits?

This definitely is a win win situation for both parties as you will not have to do any re-gifting and whoever you send your list to, will not waste their money on buying you a gift that you don't want!

Where Do I Start?

Even if you are too busy to select any gifts at the moment, you can leave us your details using the form below, and we will create an account for you. If you wish, we can send you suggestions that you might like to add to your list as well.

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Personalised Whisky Glass

Personalised Whisky Glass

Personalised Whisky Glass - and why I ended up with one. 

Personalised Whisky GlassesI met my Father-in-law, Alex, over 25 years ago. He was a lovely Scots man and it was one evening when my "now" wife decided that I should meet the parents.

Everything was fine, we all got on and as the evening came to a close, Alex asked me if I wanted a "wee dram" to finish the evening with. I agreed and asked for a Scotch and coke. The room went quiet. It was like a scene from a cowboy film when the baddy walks in to the bar and everyone stops and stares.

"A what?" he said in a soft, Scottish accent. His tone made me feel that maybe my intentions to marry his daughter might be in jeopardy at this moment.

I quickly thought and said "no, maybe a Baileys?" Although to a Scotsman this was probably just as bad, (Baileys was probably a "girlies" drink in his eyes), it probably wasn't as bad as mixing whisky with Coke.

Fortunately the tension died and the evening continued. Not long after I went on to marry his daughter and have stayed married to her ever since and with Alex's blessing.

In that time Alex took me under his wing and introduced me to some fantastic single malt whiskies. He showed me that I couldn't mix high sugar drinks with them but if I did want to add "a little something" then a single piece of ice was acceptable.

I came to love single malt whisky (and still do) but as you can imagine, you can hardly drink it in a plastic cup or cheap glass from a superstore, so I invested in my very own personalised whisky tumbler. It is funny how much better whisky or whiskey tastes in a special glass, very much like drinking good wine, but that is another story.

Due to my love of good whisky, I have listed what I think are 5 excellent whisky glasses that can be personalised as a special gift for a special person.

If Alex had still been here I would have certainly bought him one of these as a special gift. 

1. Stern Whisky Glass

Stern Whisky Glass

This beautiful stern whisky glass is the perfect gift for a whisky drinker! I really like the simplicity of this tumbler.

This whisky glass will truly make the perfect personalised gift for any occasion, whether it be for a special birthday or as a thank you gift for a best man and with your engraved message added to the tumbler it will be an enduring and delightful memento that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Buy Now - Free P&P - Secure Payment

2. Crystal Whisky Tumbler

Crystal Whisky Tumbler

I am a sucker for crystal and like the feel of the cut edges when I hold crystal in my hands and of-course, that smell of single malt and maybe an evening in-front of the fire just makes for a perfect evening.

Buy Now - Free P&P - Secure Payment

3. Measures Tumbler

Measures Whisky Tumbler

I really like this glass, reminds me of many an evening drinking whisky with Alex where a "wee dram" would turn in to at least a double measure or half a glass. What I like is that you can add someone's name for the third measure which would be appropriate in my family. 

It is also an incredible price for a whisky glass that you can add personalisation to.

Buy Now - Free P&P - Secure Payment

4. Hand Cut Diamante Heart Whisky Glasses with Swarovski Elements

Hand Cut Diamante Heart Whisky Glasses with Swarovski Elements

I have wine glasses that were bought for me that are similar in design with the cut diamante heart. They look really smart and each glass is hand cut, hand polished and embellished with Swarovski Elements and it even comes presented in a silk lined box.

This is probably more of a glass that you would use at a more formal occasion rather than sitting in front of the fire chilling out.

Buy Now - Free P&P - Secure Payment

5. Vintage Typography Tumbler

Vintage Typography Tumbler

I like the vintage feel of this glass and the solid base. I am very much a someone who likes the feel of things so the base is smooth and fits in the palm of your hand.

The personalisation on this whisky glass will allow you to add any name up to 12 characters and a message with up to 20 characters in length. 'You are', 'superb', 'fantastic', 'excellent' are fixed text.

Great price for a nice looking whisky tumbler.

Buy Now - Free P&P - Secure Payment

Still can't see what you are looking for?

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Anniversary Gift Ideas

Anniversary Gift Ideas

Anniversary Gift Ideas

Anniversaries tend to mark milestones of our lives. They are the special times we want to remember. Be it the anniversary of a newly married couple, Mother’s Day, your silver anniversary or the birthday of the family pet. But it can be confusing when trying to choose a gift.

We have decided to try and make it easy for you by producing some review videos below taken from our Shopping Channel. Here a a couple to start with.

Anniversary Gift Ideas

More Anniversary Gift Ideas

More Gift Ideas

Here are 7 more gift ideas.

1. Black Watch Charm Bracelet

Black Watch Charm Bracelet

This beautiful "twist on" 18cm charm bracelet comes with these black and white charms that you simply twist on to the bracelet to make any design you like! The additional watch charm makes this an ideal but practical gift.

This Bracelet comes with 11 charms, you can wear them all at once or pick and choose to your preference. Everyday will seem as though you are wearing a different bracelet.

The set includes -

5 x Black Patterned Beads
2 x Butterfly Clips
1 x Jewelled Butterfly Bead
1 x Jewelled Swirl Bead
1 x Watch charm
1 x Heart Tag

Treat your partner or yourself to this beautiful bracelet.

Comes presented in a gift box!

£29.99 Buy Now (FREE P&P) - Secure Payment - Fast Delivery

2. Coloured Stacking Bracelet

Coloured Stacking Bracelet

These 9ct gold plated tube beaded bracelets are so colourful and striking. The many colour combinations add to that uniqueness.

They simply look great!

These bracelets are made from 4mm pressed round glass beads. You can choose from raspberry, lemon fizz, sky blue, bluberry, tangerine and zingy red.

We have a special nugget gold stacking bracelet which is made from 4mm brass heavy weight beads and features a tiny gold heart, it's gorgeous!

Get this as a brilliant anniversary gift for your partner or why not buy it for yourself.

£13.99 Buy Now (FREE P&P) - Secure Payment - Fast Delivery

3. Follow Your Dreams Brass Necklace

Follow Your Dreams Brass Necklace

This really sweet brass 'follow your dreams and the adventure will unfold' pendant necklace is a really perfect gift for an active partner.

This is a popular choice of gift and suitable for anyone full of adventure. They make a thoughtful present for anyone setting out on a journey, and is a perfect keepsake gift. Made exclusively in the studios on the Isle of Wight, it's an unique choice and you won't find this little gem in many other online stores, making it a unique and special choice.

This necklace comes in a stylish personalised grey gift box and hand tied with a grey ribbon. A perfect gift for the adventurer.

£13.99 Buy Now (FREE P&P) - Secure Payment - Fast Delivery

4. Freshwater Pearl White Bracelet

FreshWater Pearl White Bracelet

Personalise the heart of the bracelet with any initial. This gorgeous Freshwater Pearl White Bracelet can be personalised with the initial of your partner or for yourself.

When laid out straight the length of the bracelet (excluding charm) is 20cm.

Comes presented in a gift box!

5. Hearts T-Bar Bracelet

Hearts T-Bar Bracelet

This lovely delicate sterling silver bracelet measures 19cm in length and is engraved with up to 3 initials on one of the two heart pendants. A great gift that any special lady will love to wear and cherish forever.

So why not treat your partner or yourself to something a little special.

Necklace also comes presented in a gift box!

£29.99 Buy Now (FREE P&P) - Secure Payment - Fast Delivery

6. Mirrored Jewellery Box

Mirrored Jewellery Box

How many times do you find your jewellery lying on your dressing table or on the dresser? It is a real pain especially if one of your earrings falls on the floor and you lose it.

Ideal solution is this mirrored jewellery box covered by mirror with a beaded edge detail. Inside it has 3 compartments to store your jewellery so you can keep everything neatly stored and not lose that earring again.

This mirrored jewellery box can also be personalised with any message of your choice making it unique.

The jewellery box is lined in a black flock fabric

£29.99 Buy Now (FREE P&P) - Secure Payment - Fast Delivery

7. Mrs Necklace

Mrs Necklace

This beautiful gold/silver-plated necklace is the perfect way to celebrate an anniversary.

This sweet necklace would look gorgeous on any partner's neck to display her exciting new status as 'Mrs'!

Would also make a fun hen night gift to the bride to be from the hens!

This necklace is gold or silver plated and shimmers, and comes in a white organza gift bag for safe keeping.

• Plated
• Organza bag
• Choice of colour options
• Weight 10g

£13.99 Buy Now (FREE P&P) - Secure Payment - Fast Delivery

Still not found what you are looking for?

We have hundreds more personalised and non personalised gifts to choose from.
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