Anniversary Gift Ideas - Worst Gift Ideas

Are you fed up with getting the same awful gifts from your Nan, partner, wife or husband year after year?

Do you have to try and smile when presented with a cheap box of chocolates on your Wedding anniversary; or perhaps a nose hair clipper what are they trying to tell you?

Anything bought at the very last minute, with little thought, does tend to speak volumes. If this is you, then we think we have the solution.

We did some research online about gifts, and we discovered that millions of us each year have to suffer being given really bad presents. Did you know that statistics have found that over 52% of people who receive unwanted presents re-gift them? I think that says it all.

What's sad is that it is bad for both parties. Not only is it a real waste of money for the person giving the gift but it can lead to bad feeling.

So here at Pick Your Own Gifts we have decided to give you some examples of how bad it can really get.

First, who do you think scores highest on the list of people who gave you gifts you never wanted?

It turns out boyfriends or Nans/Nannas/Grandmothers top the chart.

My first discovery came from sheknows and was about poor Annie whose boyfriend decided it would be a great idea to give her some of his old CDs. Now how romantic is that? but even worse the CDs had seen better days and were sent via a FedEx envelope sealed with black masking tape.

The next came from reddit. A teetotal lady received a very nice whiskey glass from her boyfriend then another year she received a box of brownie mix, now what part of that sounds right on any level?  

These too were notable from Cosmo to add to the list:

  1. A ruler marked with the boyfriend’s length – needs no comment really does it?
  2. A bottle of Tomato ketchup from Nan - even though they didn't like Ketchup
  3. And the worst a used Toothbrush – why? Just why?

It starts to make the socks you got last Christmas not that bad.

What is the solution?

Pick Your Own Gifts!

With that in mind, aims to put you in a position where you can now choose what you want rather than allowing your Nan or boyfriend to decide.

Who Benefits?

This definitely is a win win situation for both parties as you will not have to do any re-gifting and whoever you send your list to, will not waste their money on buying you a gift that you don't want!

Where Do I Start?

Even if you are too busy to select any gifts at the moment, you can leave us your details using the form below, and we will create an account for you. If you wish, we can send you suggestions that you might like to add to your list as well.


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